The Jones Tassel Earring


Mixed fiber, hand-wrapped tassel earrings



These ultra light earrings are the perfect amount of playful!

They are hand wrapped with a mix of fibers used in the studio, each small pair hangs about 1.5 – 2 inches from the ear while each large pair hangs about 4 inches from the ear and both have a 14K gold plated stainless steel hook.

All of our earrings were inspired by trying to make Daughter as low-waste as possible. We use “thrums” from the weaving process to make these. Thrums are the extra yarn at the end of a weaving project that can’t be woven- we use this perfectly new yarn to make you these lovelies! Thanks for helping Daughter remain low-waste!


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Dark Green, Black, Mustard, White


Small, Large


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