Hand Woven Tote Bag


These extra large hand woven tote bags are perfect for the summer. Wether going to the beach, the pool, or the park you can fit everything you need on the go with these bags.

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These extra large handwoven tote bags are a summer staple. Whether you’re toting towels to the pool, preparing for a day at the beach, or picnicking at the park, you can fit everything you need on-the-go with these bags.

Each tote is handwoven with thick linen and cotton threads. This means more attention to detail, less waste and more love! So grab a book (or two) and all your poolside essentials and pick out the perfect tote for you.



Dimensions are approximately 18″tall, 22″ wide, 6″ base with a 10″ strap.

Straps are hand stitched genuine leather with waxed cotton cord.

Each bag comes with a hand wrapped tassel made from the “thrums” or waste yarn from the weaving process.

There is a removable cloth covered board at the bottom of each bag for added structure and stability.



Also, don’t forget to check out my process by following me on Instagram: Daughter Handwovens on IG

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mauve with yellow and teal, tan with red stripes, tan with umber stripes, umber with red and teal stripes, yollow with teal stripes


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